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Prime-Time SV offers countless exterior products for the Ford Transit. One brand we are proud to represent is Aluminess which offers the best quality off-road bumpers to the market. The pricing listed on our website includes the installation fee. If you are looking for a smaller sized bumper please feel free to contact us as we do offer less expensive options.
Storage is always at a premium on expedition vehicles. Being able to store dirty and bulky gear outside of your van is the best way to go. With our slimline rear bumper with swing arms, designed for the Ford Transit, you can keep dirty and grungy equipment outside of your sleeping quarters without having to worry about theft.
  Our rear bumper with swing arms can be set up with a spare tire carrier and box carrier or 2 box carriers. Any of our storage boxes can be mounted to the box swing arm. You can store a generator, recovery gear, tools, or anything else you can dream up. An integrated hitch supports the swing arm assembly to complete the package

Ford Transit Off-Road Rear Bumpers

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