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Specialty Vehicle Operations

(Specialty Van Conversions - Custom Van Conversions)

Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is a nation wide Specialty Van Conversion company. We have been in business for well over 15 years, and have provided many different customers with the Specialty Van Conversion they need.

No matter if you are looking for a Mobility Van, Passenger Van, Shuttle Van, or just a simple Van Conversion. Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is here to provide you with the Specialty Van Conversions that you desire. Take a look at our Products page, or even our Vehicle Options Page for more information.

Have you not found what you are looking for on either of our other models? Take no further and know that Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles produces other more Specialty Van Conversions. If you can imagine it, Prime Time Specialty Vehicles will build your next Specialty Van Conversion exactly the way you want.

Take a look a some of the pictures here!l We have built hundreds of very unique Specialty Van Conversions like:

  • Custom Mobile Offices
  • Mobile Medical Lab Vans
  • Custom Off-Road Vans
  • Storm Chasing Vans
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Bookmobiles
  • Mobile Dental Offices
  • SWAT Vans
  • Prisoner Vans
  • Mobile Offices (Mobile Office Vans.... See our Avenger Series Weekender for more info)
  • Golf Vans
  • Athletic Van
  • Limo Vans
  • Funeral Vans (Casket Vans)

If you would like to know more about our Specialty Vehicles, please visit our Contact Us webpage and we'll be glad to get back with you to answer any questions you may have! 


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