Mobility vehicles are our specialty at Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles. Whether from the side doors or the rear doors, we can do it. We can even design a van to hold 6 wheelchair passengers, and still have room for more seating for you. 

Possibly you are looking for a special configuration? Give us a call, and we'll give you all of the configurations everytime that best suits your needs. 

As a company policy, we only install commercial grade lifts. Our current Mobility Equipment Suppliers are: 

  • Braun
  • Ricon
  • Mobility Networks
  • Q'Straint 
  • AMF Bruns

Aluminum Smart Floor

Prime-Time now offers a modular Smart Floor. This allows customers to adjust their seating positions and wheelchair capacity by a flip of a lever! If your fleet or family is needing a some flexibility with your seating capacity this is one of many options! 

Braun Commercial Lifts

Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is certified to install and sell commercial lifts by Braun.  If you're in need of a Personal-Lift, Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is willing to make the physical accommodations for a them, and then have it sent to a mobility dealer to have it installed.  

Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is certified to install and sell commercial lifts by Ricon.  Again, Personal Lifts will have to be installed by a mobility dealer.

Q'Straint L-Pockets - Q'Straint L Tracks

As an option, we do offer L-Tracks to be installed into the floor of our vans.  


Have L-Tracks?  You might need Q-Straints too.  After all, you have to make sure your wheelchair passengers are safe and buckled-up as well.