Vehicle Options

Exterior Options

Does your GM Van need raised doors, and your tired of locating somebody to properly do the work for you? Look no further than Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles, because YES we are still doing this unlike other conversion companies. 

For a list of exterior options, please view here. 

As we continue to update our website further, and further; we do ask that you please contact your area's salesman in regards to the availability of our exterior options for a full size van converion. 

Luxury Options

Want a TV in your van?  Do you want a DVD Player with it?  How about a mini-fridge? Maybe a Smart TV, or Smart Board? If you want it in a van, we can get it done. We make luxury vehicles that make you feel just like you are at home.

Seating Options

Our Premier Shuttles advertise the ability to design a vehicle that can seat up to 17 individuals, as well as give options such as leather seating, lumbar support, heat, cool, massage, and much more.

Mobility Options

Mobility vehicles are our specialty at Prime-Time SV. Whether from the side doors or the rear doors, we can do it.  We can even design a van to hold 6 wheelchair passengers, and still have room for more seating.

As a company policy, we only install commercial lifts. 

Exterior/Graphic Options

Our graphics options are totally decided by the customer.  We have a wide variety of exterior colors with an even greater spectrum of detailing. We also can provide exterior options like: fender flares, running boards, painted bumpers, off-road styled bumpers, and more!