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(Paratransit Vans - Mobility Vans)

Exterior Photos

Designed specifically for retirement communities and all medical transportation transit industries. Our Med-Transit (Paratransit Vans/Mobility Vans) model and Retirement Home model are specially manufactured and meet the standards set by NMEDA and Ford QVM programs. Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is certified by Ford QVM for both Transit Bus and Transit Mobility (Mobility Vans) Transportation vans.

These vehicles come equipped with the latest innovation for commercial mobility vans or Paratransit Vans, and are designed to meet all requirements for Transit Authorities across the country. We are able to manufacture all of our Med-Transits (Paratransit Vans/NEMT) with mobility prep, or completed and ready for immediate service. We have the ability to build your next paratransit van in the exact way you are wanting.

If you are a mobility, bus, or automotive dealership working with a transportation company, or local transit authority contact the staff of Prime-Time to see how we can build your customers the perfect paratransit van that they want and need.

Would you like to see more ideas of options Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles can make for you? Well, go view our Vehicle Options web page for more information! 

Exterior Van Feature Summary:

  • Prime-Time SV Automatic Powered Bus Door
  • Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles E-Z Entrance Step
  • Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles Running Boards

Interior Van Feature Summary:

  • Vinyl Sidewall and Ceiling
  • Altro Commercial Flooring w/Plywood Sub-Floor
  • Q'Straint or AMF Bruns Restraints
  • Vehicle Insulation
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Triangle Road Kit Set
  • High-Output AC/Heat
  • Fixed or Foldaway Seating
  • Side or Rear Entry Capabilities
  • Barrier Panels
  • ADA, and FMVSS Compliant

Electrical Features:

  • Lift Light for Side or Rear Mounted Lift
  • Ceiling Mounted LED Interior Dome Lights
  • Back-Up Beeper Alarm

Interior Photos


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