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Thank you for viewing Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles Photo Gallery, We've decided to make separate tabs for our different model types. Below are the following links to these tabs, or you can select them by using the draw down menu under Photo Gallery. Many of the different vehicles we have produced over the years will be found here!

Avenger Series Photo Gallery

The Avenger Series is an affordable mobility and luxury conversion for special needs and family transportation while being built on a full-sized van. The Avenger Series will get you there in style, and grace. All of our Avenger Series van conversions are hand-built, and come equipped with the highest quality materials available. We can turn our Avenger Series into any type of Luxury Specialty Van Conversion. Prime-Time builds vehicles to exceed the wants, and needs of all of our customers.

Med-Transit Photo Gallery

Our Med-Transit Series is designed as a paratransit van for the Retirement communities and medical transportation industries.The Med-Transit boasts safety options specifically for its intended customers. Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles Med-Transit has won hundreds of governmental contracts.

We offer these vehicles to our dealers as completed and ready for service, or mobility prepped for mobility equipment to be installed by the dealer

Premier Shuttle Photo Gallery

Are you looking for a flawless way to transport passengers from a hotel, airport, or even from Point A to Point B? Well Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles has the ideal Passenger Van for you! Our Premier Shuttle is a Full-Sized Shuttle Van used for transporting passengers in the most economical yet comfortable way. Our Shuttle Vans can hold from 1-17 passengers, while having enough space for any luggage or additional equipment. 

Specialty Vehicles Photo Gallery

The vehicles that are found here are for the customers who might not have been able to find just exactly what they were looking for just yet! Luckily this is another industry where Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles separates our company from the rest of other competing companies.

Unlike some other manufacturers, we also work with customers who want to take their vehicle the extra mile beyond the status quo for the "Standard Van Conversion". In this category, you will find examples of the bookmobiles, medical lab mobiles, prisoner vans, bloodmobiles, recreational vehicles (RV), mobile offices, and everything else beyond the status quo. If you can imagine it in your van, Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is the only company who can build it for you.

  • Medical Mobile Labs - Bloodmobiles, Bookmobiles, Mobile Dental Offices, Etc.
  • SWAT Vans
  • Prisoner Vans
  • Mobile Offices (Mobile Office Vans)
  • Recreational Vans (RV Vans)
  • Golf Vans
  • Athletic Van
  • Limo Vans
  • Funeral Vans (Casket Vans)
  • And much more! If you can imagine it - Prime Time Specialty Vehicles can build it your way!
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