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    2015 Ford Transit Med-Transit
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  • Ford Transit Premier Shuttle Bus
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  • Med-Transit Interior
    2015 Ford Transit Med-Transit Interior

Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles is one of the leading manufacturers of Full-Size Van Conversions, Shuttle Buses, Mobility Vans, Medical Transport Vans, and Specialty Van Conversions in the industry today. We build new and used mobility vans, limousines, luxury vehicles, and medical transit units. We have three different vehicle products, which are called: Avenger Series, Med-Transit, and Premier Shuttle. Scroll down for more information about our different model lines and take a peek at our photo gallery for more visual ideas about our vehicles!

Avenger Series 
(Mobility Vans and Personal-Use Vans)

Ram ProMaster Avenger Series

The Avenger Series is an affordable mobility and luxury conversion for special needs and family transportation while being built on a full-sized van. The Avenger Series will get you there in style and grace. 

Premier Shuttle 
(Passenger Transport)

Are you looking for a flawless way to transport passengers from a hotel, airport, or even from Point A to Point B? Well Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles has the ideal vehicle for you! Our Premier Shuttle is a Full-Sized Van used for passenger trans-port  that can hold from 10-15 passengers, while having enough space for any luggage. 

(Medical Transport)

Med-Transit Side Lift

Lastly, Our Med-Transit Series is designed as a non-emergency medical transport for the Retirement and medical industries, the Med-Transit boasts safety options specifically for its intended customers.

Our sales team is distributed into territories within the United States and other areas. If you would like to contact a sales person please visit our Contact Us webpage and we will get back with you at the earliest convenience. We are determined to work closely with our customers and make sure they get the van conversion built to fit their needs. Our van conversions are just as unique our customers and we stand by this. 

For more information about the products we offer go look at our Products webpage, this will have a summary of all three vehicles we produce every day!