Seating Options

Cord Seating

Our Cord Seating with Cloth material is the standard seating for our Avenger Series and Personal Use Conversions.  It is our least expensive option (for those on a budget) and is still very comfortable, but lacks the same "oomph" that some of our other seating options have. 


Phantom II Seating

Phantom II Seating is our middle-of-the-road seating option for Personal Conversions.  It is a very popular choice among many dealers, customers, and our employees.  It is a step up from the Cord seating on its looks and seat bolsters alone.  If you're looking for that step-up from the regular conversion, make sure to get Phantom II Seats.

Phantom II Seats come in cloth and leather as a Captain Chair and a Sofa, and can have options such as power slide, power recline, and heated seats.

Electra Seating

The Electra Seating is one of our top of the line for seats on Avengers. The seat bolsters give you the feel of the seat molding to you, and have a very Executive feel to them. If you want to feel in-charge of your conversion, or your tastes simply demand for the best, Electra is what you're looking for.

Electra Seats come in cloth and leather as a Captain Char and a Sofa, and can have options such as power slide, power recline, and heated seats.

2018 GTX 5 Star Luxury Seating

Our newest GTX seats are our highest quality seat produced here at Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles.This seat will begin entering production into late fall of 2017. 

These seats can be arranged with multiple different options including power foot rests, power recline, massage inserts, and more! Like our Azure seats, our new GTX single seats come with our largest available bases as well. 

Commerical Styled Seating

Foldaway Seating

Foldaway Seating does exactly what it sounds like it does, it folds up and over to make extra cargo space, or to allow a wheelchair to navigate inside the van. This kind of seat is very handy for our mobility vehicles, and comes mainly in vinyl.

Transit Sport

Our Transit Sport is our standard seating option for Commercial vehicles and Passenger Shuttles. It is just as economical as it is effective. It definitely puts our bar of "standard" above standard.

Challenger Seating

The Challenger Seat is our seating option for commercial vehicles that are looking for a more Automotive feel, and is a bit more comfortable.    

Executive Seating

Executive Seating is our ultimate shuttle seating option, designed for exactly what the name suggests. We usually include these with our top-of-the-line shuttles and limousines. If you're planning on frequently transporting VIPs, this is the seat that is designed to impress in and out of the seat.