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Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles

Exterior Options

Automatic Powered Bus Door

Are you looking for a vehicle with a lower step in height, or possibly a vehicle without a slider door? Well we have the product for you! This option includes the removal of the factory slider door, and a replacment bus door styled door. This door has two seprate controls, and doesn't interfere with the factory warrenty! 

Power Sliding Door

This product is vehicle specfic only to the Ford Transit, and Ram ProMaster vehicles. We are currently offering this option to help assist mobility dealers sell Full Size Vans. This option includes a safety touch sensor, two remotes, and an automatic lock feature. 

Ford Transit Front EZ-Step

This option is currently available on only the Ford Transit vehicles. This option removes the front passenger seat, and creates a new curb-side entrance to all passengers. This is a very common option for vehicles with curbside lifts.